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Equity, Opportunity, and

Let’s Talk About It!

Gain action-oriented insights designed to help you raise the money you need to make your business succeed—particularly if you feel you don’t have access to capital.

We’re exploring the challenges—and opportunities—faced by underfunded entrepreneurs. We tackle the old-school notions of investment protocols to level the playing field for women, people of color, LGBTQIA, and other disenfranchised founders and focus on skill-building and major mindset shifts.

Proforma Over Pitch

Why knowing your numbers trumps pitch-perfect slides A common mistake founders make is putting all their time and…


Fundraising Myths – And The Powerful Truth

Our culture teaches us that people who have, or seem to have, money are somehow superior and founders…


The #1 Mistake Founders Make When Seeking Funding

And how YOU can do it right Are you a startup founder who wants to learn more about…


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