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Are you ready to

The Fundraising Masterclass is a 6-week course, taught live by Sara and built specifically for founders like YOU. be the first to know when our next class begins!

If you’re ready to:

  • Learn how to lead your raise with our powerful, easy-to-follow, and proven method that demystifies the process, reduces stress, and gets you results
  • Enter negotiations and funding asks with greater authority and confidence, like the boss you are
  • Become the leader of your raise, leveraging your own strengths and connections in the management of an effective and efficient funding process
  • Feel empowered to raise capital your way, partnering with investors whose portfolio and practices align with your mission and values



The next Capital Masterclass kicks on January 11th to kick off your fundraising in the new year. It has been adapted to address COVID and what you need to do to be successful fundraising in this new world of digital communications. This will be a small class so space is limited.

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