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Meet Sara

COVID happened and I moved out to my farm in Vernonia, Oregon to support my husband in running that business. I missed teaching and have learned a ton which is why I want to share this class with you. It's a smaller and more focused group and discounted to support founders dealing with the transformation of our post COVID world.

We believe there is a critical need for fundraising as a skillset and a tremendous opportunity for founders who invest in it.

We love what we do, and we can’t wait to meet you


Sara Batterby

Founder + the CEO

Hi, I'm Sara Batterby, Founder of the Equity Capital Collective (EqCo). I created EqCo after realizing that there was simply no good answer to the question "How do I raise money for my startup?" I have spent my entire career raising capital and 3 years embedding everything I learned into a course that is accessible, affordable and effective.  It works, we have proven it and I hope I have the opportunity to share it with you. Join the founders who have raised over $100M in capital with my support and using this methodology.

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