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Fundraising made

Learn how to raise capital like a boss.

Our Mission?

Your Success

Fundraising can feel intimidating and out-of-reach for founders and entrepreneurs who lack access to traditional funding channels.

We fundamentally believe there is tremendous opportunity for all founders.


We’re committed...

to elevating women, people of color, and LGBTQIA-owned businesses, all while lowering the barriers through increased access to capital.

Our mission? Your success.  

We’re 100% focused on equitable access to capital by arming diverse startup founders like YOU with the skills, strategies and insight you need to fund your business.


The Equity Capital Masterclass

The Equity Capital Masterclass is a 6-week online masterclass built specifically for founders like YOU.

In our flexible, empowering, and highly-effective training, we address both the tactical side of fundraising and the emotional side so deeply tied to identity and entitlement.*

*Entitlement - internal value projected outwards as expectations.

In this masterclass, we lay out the framework for fundraising with a unique combination of skills, strategy, and insight.



Does the idea of fundraising feel scary or intimidating? Do you have a pretty pitch deck but feel squidgy on the details of your company’s path to profitability?

We’ve got you covered.

You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of fundraising in the conventional sense, including:

  • How to create and nurture a cohort of investors
  • How to create a clear and compelling investor package
  • How to manage your raise process, step-by-step

The result? You’ll enter negotiations and funding asks with greater authority, competence, and confidence, like the boss you are.


Now that you’ve built a solid investor package, what do you do with it?

That’s where our funding strategies comes in.

 We teach you how to leverage your network and nurture your own cohort of investors, connectors and advocates - each with their own important role in building momentum around your raise.

We add strategies to help you establish a level playing field and benefit from the wisdom of crowds, saving time and improving engagement .


The result? You become the leader of your raise, leveraging your own strengths and connections in the management of an effective and efficient funding process.



Do you sometimes feel like an imposter, or that you have to sell out or be something other than your authentic self to get ahead?

Your founder mindset permeates every aspect of your approach to fundraising.  

Throughout the course, we dig into mindset - your own, and that of the investors you’re courting.  We tackle head-on self-imposed limitations and the less-talked about barriers to capital that come from differences in cultural conditioning around equity, worthiness and entitlement.

You’ll gain awareness around your own identity as a founder and tools to help you lead your raise in a way that feels right for you.

The result? You’ll feel empowered to raise capital your way, partnering with investors whose portfolio and practices align with your mission and values.

"I now feel more confident because I learned about the investor mindset and the common language used within the investment world. But most important I felt knowledgeable enough to have that conversation and clearly articulate our raise components/benefits (i.e. CAP table, financial model, etc.). I am forever grateful for this transformative training!"


Sarita L. Evans, JD
Co-Founder and CFO

"We walked away with a clear vision and understanding of the route required to become raise-ready. We had a clear path between how most angels were viewing our investment offering in its current state and the changes we needed to make in order to get our investment package to approval status."


Kelly Montoya, Founder and CEO

"The most important thing I learned is evolving our company narrative to be better reflective of where we are, in order to justify our raise position with new potential investors. Now I feel confident to tell my business's story differently so it connects better with the stage of investors I'm working with."


Lynn Le, Founder & CEO

"This masterclass has flipped a switch for me. Real-world insights on fundraising are a part of it, but it’s so much more. This training has allowed me to mature from the ‘scrappy entrepreneur’ of a startup, to the professional CEO of a business. The beauty of the transformation was that it came from being more of who I am, with skill – rather than adapting to ‘fit in’. That’s a solid foundation for whatever challenge I choose to take on next."


Prabha Rathinasabapathy Founder & CEO

"We feel much more confident now that we have received the tools to fundraise successfully. Learning how to build our pro forma, understanding our assumptions that will play into our financial forecasts and knowing we have control over the fundraising process has changed our outlook in raising capital."


Shahrzad Vossoughi + Yalda Moshiri, Co-Founders


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