Want to learn how to raise money

These founders did.


"As a corporate lawyer with years of business law experience, I did not initially believe we needed much in the way of fundraising advice. With this cogent, simple and highly effective guidance we became fully prepared for a successful capital raise. Having this deep understanding of the nuances and strategy of how to communicate with, and present to, your target investors, the likelihood of success for your raise increases exponentially."

Real Cannabis Co.

Derek Mays
Founder & CEO



"The most important thing I learned is that founders like me - those not typically seen as founder-types - are entitled to capital. It's a complete reframing of the mindset I had when I first started my company. I now realize I've put in the work to build a product that meets market needs and delights my customer. As a result, I deserve access to every tool available to scale my business, especially capital."


Rebecca Alexander,
Founder & CEO


"I was not confident in my ability to raise capital. I did not know how deals were structured and felt I'd be at the mercy of investors. Now I feel confident that I can raise capital when the time is right. One of the most important things I learned from the class was how to evaluate the timing of when you are ready to raise funds. I got more value from this class than any other startup class, group, bootcamp, etc. that I've done. and probably more than all of them put together - and I've done a lot of them!"


Monica Borrell,
Founder and CEO


"I now feel more confident because I learned about the investor mindset and the common language used within the investment world. But most important I felt knowledgeable enough to have that conversation and clearly articulate our raise components/benefits (i.e. CAP table, financial model, etc.). I am forever grateful for this transformative training!"

Spectrum CannaLabs

Sarita L. Evans, JD
Co-Founder and CFO


"I now have a good grasp on how raising capital works, and how to get it done in an efficient way that prioritizes my needs as a founder. I feel empowered through knowledge. The most important thing I learned is that while the deck may be stacked against female and non binary founders, there is a way to work the system to your advantage."


Claire Fitzsimmons,
Founder and CEO


"This training gave me a deep understanding of raising early-stage dollars — both for the big picture as well as in the small details — and gave me the confidence to open the first round for my new startup. Every founder needs to know this information and Sara and her team make it easy and enjoyable to learn!"

VIDA: Make Life/Work

Melanie Marconi
Founder & CEO


"We walked away with a clear vision and understanding of the route required to become raise-ready. We had a clear path between how most angels were viewing our investment offering in its current state and the changes we needed to make in order to get our investment package to approval status."

Green Labs

Jordan McAulay,
Cofounder & Chief Revenue Officer


"I now feel more confident and solid about the information needed to start a conversation. I know that I control the narrative, the participants, and drive the process. I am the subject matter expert creating an opportunity for potential investors and educating them on why they should invest in my company."


Shiree Dyson,
Co-Founder & COO


"We walked away with a clear vision and understanding of the route required to become raise-ready. We had a clear path between how most angels were viewing our investment offering in its current state and the changes we needed to make in order to get our investment package to approval status."

Little Sous, Inc.

Kelly Montoya,
Founder and CEO


"The most important thing I learned is evolving our company narrative to be better reflective of where we are, in order to justify our raise position with new potential investors. Now I feel confident to tell my business's story differently so it connects better with the stage of investors I'm working with."

Society Nine

Lynn Le,
Founder & CEO


"In a very short time, I went from having zero knowledge on how to raise money for my company to building a successful raise based on her methodology. This work with underrepresented communities is needed and invaluable."

The People’s Dispensary

Christine de la Rosa
CEO + National Co-Founder



"Learning strategies around bringing value to your business and the investor is eye-opening. I wish I'd known all this sooner. This training demystifies the process of a raise, saving me time and improving my results."

Dye Candy

Kathryn Madison
Founder and CEO


"This masterclass has flipped a switch for me. Real-world insights on fundraising are a part of it, but it’s so much more. This training has allowed me to mature from the ‘scrappy entrepreneur’ of a startup, to the professional CEO of a business. The beauty of the transformation was that it came from being more of who I am, with skill – rather than adapting to ‘fit in’. That’s a solid foundation for whatever challenge I choose to take on next."


Prabha Rathinasabapathy
Founder & CEO


"Through this training, I learned that smart companies succeed when they have a long-term strategic fundraising model and a clear view as to the type of investors required to ensure they grow thoughtfully. I now realize that opening a fundraising round and taking investment isn't about cash, it's about relationships - equitable relationships. It's also about from this moment in time to the finish line and all the benchmark moments in between."


Candice Smith,
Founder + CEO


"When it came to fundraising, we resented the whole system and didn't want to play games. Now we actually understand better how to play the game on my terms. We feel empowered to raise capital our way. Building a capital network and interest in our company is a skillset, and I feel better armed with the tools to do so."

De Las Mias

Sada Naegelin, Cofounder and CEO
Ana Matiella, Cofounder and Content Director


"We feel much more confident now that we have received the tools to fundraise successfully. Learning how to build our pro forma, understanding our assumptions that will play into our financial forecasts and knowing we have control over the fundraising process has changed our outlook in raising capital."

SaF App

Shahrzad Vossoughi + Yalda Moshiri


"Since taking this course, I feel empowered with the knowledge I need to not only how to raise capital but how to do it in a way that will serve my company and it's investors the best. I now understand the investor mindset. I also have an active understanding of option for equity breakdown for current and future raises, so I can choose investment partners that will best suit their long-term goals."

Voxapod, Inc.

Amanda Wilson
Founder & CEO


"The masterclass blew me away - I wish I’d known all of this sooner! Now we have the structure and process we need to present something professional and informative to our potential investors."

Left Coast Financial Solutions

Casey Nye-Herrington,
Cofounder + CEO